This story takes us to the fictional town of Pinetown, Indiana where we are introduced to a lady named Esther Collins Summerfield. Esther has become bitter over the years due to events of the past and as Christmas approaches that bitterness begins to take root in her heart. Can the joy of Jesus awaken her out of this bitterness before Christmas? Find out in “A Christmas Gift for Esther.” The first book in the “Christmas Gift for Esther”Trilogy Book Series. To order your copy go to Image By Palmer Publishing Copyright 2022

After the events of the first book, "A Christmas Gift for Esther," we find a year has passed and a huge challenge awaits Esther as her daughter Stella, son in law Dan, and her new grandson Richard Daniel come home to Pinetown, Indiana for Christmas. Another family member, her brother, Pastor Jacob Collins, also comes to visit his sister for Christmas. Has Esther gotten her one and only Christmas wish by family being home for Christmas? Or is there a bigger challenge that awaits her? Inspired by actual events, "Esther's Christmas Wish” is now available and can be ordered by going to Image By Palmer Publishing Copyright 2022

It’s been years now since Esther’s husband Richard passed away and went to be with the Lord. Does God have a special Christmas blessing in store for her in this third installment of our trilogy when she meets a gentle Irishman who has moved to Pinetown, Indiana? Find out in the Fall of 2024 as we continue to follow the journey God has planned in the life of Esther Collins Summerfield!

Each book will have a play script based on each book with “Esther’s Christmas Wish” play script due out in 2023, and “Esther’s Christmas Blessing” play script due out in 2025 if not before. The play script for "A Christmas Gift for Esther" is now available for your next Christmas production. You can order a copy of the script by going to or call Darren Davenport at 252-746-6128 or email Barry Stallings at

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